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P.O. Box 24771
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PLEASE READ THE FAQ PAGE BEFORE CALLING!  U.D.I.T.O.A. does NOT set people up in the Drive-In business.
(443) 490-1250

General Mailbox
Paul F. Geissinger
James Goble
Vice President
John Vincent, Jr.
Recording Secretary
Deborah Sherman
Financial Secretary/Treasurer
D. Edward Vogel
Administrative Secretary
Timothy Sherman
Membership Secretary
Brian DeCiancio
Director At Large
Frank Fisher
Director At Large
David Hudzik
Director At Large
Ed Szurek
Director At Large
Rodney Miller
Director At Large
Walt Effinger
Immediate Past President

Please be sure to check out the FAQs page which will answer many of your How To questions!

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Note to Media: UDITOA would be happy to provide industry statistics and information regarding the state of the drive-in industry. See STATS page.  In return, we ask that you credit UDITOA in your articles when we assist you.

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